Our electric/gas bill is killing our pocketbook.

  • Jan $447
  • Dec $408
  • Nov $216
  • Oct $186

Configured a workflow… I see a YouTube video I want to keep while on my iPad. Share the link to Transloader running on my Mac. Transloader hands the link off to Downie which saves it to a specific folder. Next up I’m going to have Hazel move the file to my NAS for later viewing.

In my quest to figure out the most efficient way to transition from iCloud Photos to my Synology, I think I have found the solution that will work best for me. PhotoSync.

Extracting myself from the iCloud. Laborious. Trying to get my iCloud storage costs down Today is the last day of my AppleOne subscription.

Fired up MarsEdit once again. I think I shall post with this fantastic tool.

We got 8” of snow last night in Colorado. I spent a fair amount of time shoveling said snow this morning.

Been giving my Synology some love. Replaced the 1GB ram chip with an 8GB chip and now it’s actually usable. Fired up Plex and now I’m listening to my music from the PlexAmp app on my iPhone.

Added my audiogram to the Health app on my iPhone. Enabled my Airpods Pro as hearing aids. It’s interesting. I love my Audicus hearing aids but want to see what this is like as well.

Currently reading: The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim 📚

Hookmark and Craft are now on Setapp. More subscriptions I can ditch now.

Going to give Oh My Zsh a go. My preferred terminal on Mac is iTerm2. Looking forward to a fancier environment.

Digging in on Proxmox and having fun learning. I’ve got a Mac Mini and a Lenovo ThinkCentre acting as two of my nodes. Hoping to add another old Mini to the mix.

This was a fun project. Running Linux on my iPad via a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 w.

The execution of PopClip Extension Snippets is brilliant. forum.popclip.app/t/introdu…

I paid $28 to rent Sing 2. Yeah.


Wordle 203 2/6

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Ok, I went ahead and finally configured a Pi-hole. Canceled my eero Security+ which I’ve been paying for since 2016. Liking the Pi-hole. I even installed unbound for extra goodness. All running on my little RPI 3+.

Repurposed an old Mac Mini to run EXSi. Installing MX-Linux now. Fun stuff. Thinking I may mainly use this machine to run pfsense.

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