Raycast is awesome.

Dropover just took the lead over Yoink for me. Didn’t think dropping things on a shelf could get any better but it did.

Installed Ventura on my early 2013 MacBook Pro. Grew tired of the limitations of the older OS and decided to go for it. Pretty amazing that this is even possible.

Ecobee doesn’t know Littleton is in Colorado.

Pulled in my Tweet archive. So long Twitter. Thanks @manton

Added the SnippetsLab Alfred Workflow to my toolkit.

Have avoided paying for Medium thus far. Some of the articles are interesting to me and I’m considering a subscription for the first time.

Installed ngrok and enjoying the simplicity and power of local development.

Currently reading: Die with Zero by Bill Perkins 📚

Finished reading: Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon 📚

Currently reading: Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon 📚

Turned off Stage Manager on my Mac. Tried it for a few months. Not a fan.

Currently reading: Neuromancer by William Gibson 📚

Finished reading: The Dog Stars by Peter Heller 📚

All the benefits of iCloud go out the window when your ‘work’ Mac is required to have a separate account from your own.

Finished reading: The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim 📚

Currently reading: The Dog Stars by Peter Heller 📚

Got my vlans all sorted out. That was fun to learn about.

Our electric/gas bill is killing our pocketbook.

  • Jan $447
  • Dec $408
  • Nov $216
  • Oct $186

Configured a workflow… I see a YouTube video I want to keep while on my iPad. Share the link to Transloader running on my Mac. Transloader hands the link off to Downie which saves it to a specific folder. Next up I’m going to have Hazel move the file to my NAS for later viewing.