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Kubernetes Odysseys are curated highlights from my explorations across the web. I seek out and share intriguing and noteworthy links related to all things Kubernetes. You can find all my Kubernetes bookmarks on Pinboard and explore all my blog posts categorized under Kubernetes.

Kubernetes turned 10 on June 6th

Who could have predicted that 10 years later, Kubernetes would grow to become one of the largest Open Source projects to date with over 88,000 contributors from more than 8,000 companies, across 44 countries. - Kubernetes Blog

Kubernetes Explained in 6 Minutes

A concise overview of Kubernetes in six minutes.

4 Simple Commands To Troubleshoot Kubernetes

Michael Levan summarizes a few commands that can help troubleshoot Kubernetes.

GitHub - getseabird/seabird: Native Kubernetes desktop client

Seabird is a native cross-platform Kubernetes desktop client that makes it super easy to explore your cluster’s resources. We aim to visualize all common resource types in a simple, bloat-free user interface.

Kubernetes on Turing Pi

I plan to convert my four node Turing Pi into a Kubernetes cluster soon, following this documentation.