Spent some time last night working on the Turing Pi, my four Raspberry Pi CM4 cluster. I brought all OS updates up to most recent and then spent a good amount of time trying to upgrade the firmware. My first issue was that the BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) wasn’t showing up in my router so I had no way to access it either via SSH or the UI. How do you upgrade something you cannot access? I ended up yanking all four nodes off the board and then removing the motherboard from the case so that I could access the SD card slot. Of course the SD card slot is just behind the frame, enough so that I had to completely remove it in order to access the slot.

I then burned the latest firmware to an SD card. Popped the card into the slot and plugged in the power. Hit the Key button rapidly three times and it did a magic light show on the ports. The firmware upgrade was complete a few minutes later. Reboot and now the turingpi showed up in my router and I could access the UI.

Now that I am working with the latest firmware, it’s time to move on to next steps of installing K3s on the Turing Pi.