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Kubernetes Odysseys are curated highlights from my explorations across the web. I seek out and share intriguing and noteworthy links related to all things Kubernetes. You can find all my Kubernetes bookmarks on Pinboard and explore all my blog posts categorized under Kubernetes.


SpinKube is an open source project that streamlines developing, deploying and operating WebAssembly workloads in Kubernetes - resulting in delivering smaller, more portable applications and incredible compute performance benefits.

The Kubernetes Book - Nigel Poulton

Deep on the theory and packed with optional hands-on examples. This book will help you master Kubernetes.

How to Achieve Real Zero-Downtime in Kubernetes Rolling Deployments

To sum up, we have made significant progress in ensuring stable user connections during rolling deployments, regardless of the number of deployment versions released daily. We have modified our deployment file to include a readiness probe and a pre-stop hook. These changes enable us to manage traffic during pod startup and shutdown more effectively.


kubecolor is a tool that colorizes your kubectl command output by adding color, making it easier to read and understand. It acts as a direct replacement for kubectl, allowing you to alias kubectl commands to use kubecolor instead.

Kubernetes Masterclass for Beginners

From zero to a full Kubernetes environment including apps and monitoring. I’ve taken this course and it’s fantastic.