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Deploying a highly-available Pi-hole ad-blocker on K8s

A well written article on installing Pi-hold on your cluster for high availability. I plan to follow these instructions for my own cluster.

Sidero Omni: the platform for Edge Kubernetes

Whether you are running single node clusters, complete Kubernetes clusters at the edge, or just want to run worker nodes at the edge with control plane nodes in the cloud, the Sidero Omni platform will make it easy, secure, and performant.

arkade - Open Source Marketplace For Developer Tools

With over 120 CLIs and 55 Kubernetes apps (charts, manifests, installers) available for Kubernetes, gone are the days of contending with dozens of README files just to set up a development stack with the usual suspects like ingress-nginx, Postgres, and cert-manager.

SUSE Acquires StackState for Cloud-Native Observability

The StackState observability platform will be embedded into the Rancher Prime version of the platform for enterprise IT teams. Longer term, SUSE envisions applying StackState’s observability capabilities across its portfolio, including areas like cost management, smart issue remediation, environment optimization and industrial Internet of Things (IoT) observability.

CKS Study Guide 2024 - PASS your Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist Exam

This up-to-date YouTube study guide will provide you with all you need to know to get your CKS certification.