Kubernetes Odysseys are curated highlights from my explorations across the web. I seek out and share intriguing and noteworthy links related to all things Kubernetes. You can find all my Kubernetes bookmarks on Pinboard and explore all my blog posts categorized under Kubernetes.


Flux is a set of continuous and progressive delivery solutions for Kubernetes that are open and extensible.

A visual guide on troubleshooting Kubernetes deployments

A fantastic resource for your Kubernetes troubleshooting adventures.

omrikiei/ktunnel: A cli that exposes your local resources to kubernetes

A CLI tool that establishes a reverse tunnel between a kubernetes cluster and your local machine.

luryus/light-operator: Control smart lights with Kubernetes

Light-operator allows managing smart lights with Kubernetes custom resources.

Kubernetes: The Road to 1.0 by Brian Grant

In many ways, Kubernetes is more “open-source Omega” than “open-source Borg”, but it benefited from the lessons learned from both Borg and Omega.