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Jun 14, 2023: Finished reading: The Dog Sitter Detective by Antony Johnston 📚

Jun 7, 2023: Currently reading: The Dog Sitter Detective by Antony Johnston 📚

May 9, 2023: Raycast is awesome.

May 8, 2023: Dropover just took the lead over Yoink for me. Didn’t think dropping things on a shelf could get any better but it did.

Apr 23, 2023: Installed Ventura on my early 2013 MacBook Pro. Grew tired of the limitations of the older OS and decided to go for it. Pretty amazing that this is …

Apr 18, 2023: Ecobee doesn’t know Littleton is in Colorado.

Apr 13, 2023: Pulled in my Tweet archive. So long Twitter. Thanks @manton

Apr 11, 2023: Added the SnippetsLab Alfred Workflow to my toolkit.

Mar 10, 2023: Have avoided paying for Medium thus far. Some of the articles are interesting to me and I’m considering a subscription for the first time.

Mar 9, 2023: Installed ngrok and enjoying the simplicity and power of local development.

Feb 27, 2023: Currently reading: Die with Zero by Bill Perkins 📚

Feb 27, 2023: Finished reading: Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon 📚

Feb 26, 2023: Currently reading: Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon 📚

Feb 20, 2023: Turned off Stage Manager on my Mac. Tried it for a few months. Not a fan.

Feb 5, 2023: Currently reading: Neuromancer by William Gibson 📚

Feb 4, 2023: Finished reading: The Dog Stars by Peter Heller 📚

Jan 23, 2023: All the benefits of iCloud go out the window when your ‘work’ Mac is required to have a separate account from your own.

Jan 20, 2023: Finished reading: The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim 📚

Jan 20, 2023: Currently reading: The Dog Stars by Peter Heller 📚

Jan 13, 2023: Got my vlans all sorted out. That was fun to learn about.

Jan 6, 2023: Our electric/gas bill is killing our pocketbook. Jan $447 Dec $408 Nov $216 Oct $186

Jan 3, 2023: Configured a workflow… I see a YouTube video I want to keep while on my iPad. Share the link to Transloader running on my Mac. Transloader hands the …

Dec 31, 2022: In my quest to figure out the most efficient way to transition from iCloud Photos to my Synology, I think I have found the solution that will work …

Dec 30, 2022: Extracting myself from the iCloud. Laborious. Trying to get my iCloud storage costs down Today is the last day of my AppleOne subscription.

Dec 29, 2022: Fired up MarsEdit once again. I think I shall post with this fantastic tool.

Dec 29, 2022: We got 8” of snow last night in Colorado. I spent a fair amount of time shoveling said snow this morning.

Dec 28, 2022: Been giving my Synology some love. Replaced the 1GB ram chip with an 8GB chip and now it’s actually usable. Fired up Plex and now I’m …

Dec 28, 2022: Added my audiogram to the Health app on my iPhone. Enabled my Airpods Pro as hearing aids. It’s interesting. I love my Audicus hearing aids but …

Dec 27, 2022:

Dec 26, 2022: Currently reading: The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim 📚

Dec 6, 2022: Hookmark and Craft are now on Setapp. More subscriptions I can ditch now.

Sep 5, 2022: Going to give Oh My Zsh a go. My preferred terminal on Mac is iTerm2. Looking forward to a fancier environment.

Jan 16, 2022: Digging in on Proxmox and having fun learning. I’ve got a Mac Mini and a Lenovo ThinkCentre acting as two of my nodes. Hoping to add another old …

Jan 14, 2022: This was a fun project. Running Linux on my iPad via a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 w.

Jan 14, 2022: The execution of PopClip Extension Snippets is brilliant.…

Jan 9, 2022: I paid $28 to rent Sing 2. Yeah.

Jan 8, 2022: Boom Wordle 203 2/6 ⬛⬛🟨🟨⬛ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩

Jan 8, 2022: Ok, I went ahead and finally configured a Pi-hole. Canceled my eero Security+ which I’ve been paying for since 2016. Liking the Pi-hole. I even …

Dec 25, 2021: Repurposed an old Mac Mini to run EXSi. Installing MX-Linux now. Fun stuff. Thinking I may mainly use this machine to run pfsense.

Nov 25, 2021: Protonmail Todo figure out how to build a secure, encrypted email platform Figure out how to send auto-renewal emails to subscribers

Nov 8, 2021: Meow Wolf

Nov 2, 2021: Hi from Humboldt

Jul 10, 2021:

Jun 17, 2021: Free concert in the park. Feels good to be social again.

May 9, 2021: Finally successful gaining access to BBVA. What a boring, uninspired banking app compared to the clean lines and thoughtful Simple app.

May 8, 2021: Simple to BBVA transition. Off to a great start. Not.

May 3, 2021: I now have a reason to use Pinboard again. Integration with Hook. Brilliant.

Apr 18, 2021: State of home buying in Colorado. We’ve put bids in on 2 houses for $100K over list price. We were beat by higher offers both times.

Apr 18, 2021: Interestingly, to me anyway, as I build out my Johnny Decimal system, the reality is that most of my ‘files’ are simply links to various locations. …

Apr 6, 2021: is even better with a Luxafor Flag.

Mar 21, 2021: One Airpod is in the case. The other is not. Hmph.

Mar 14, 2021: My new mantra. Drafts is for note-taking. Craft is for note-making.

Feb 28, 2021: By far, my favorite blogging environment was Radio UserLand. Having an outliner open all day, ready to update and post by simply by hitting Save was …

Feb 28, 2021: I’m kind of obsessed with Took me a bit to wrap my head around but now that I’ve explored and configured it to my liking, I’m optimistic …

Feb 28, 2021: Enjoying my new M1 Mac mini. It’s fast.

Feb 10, 2021: I must admit. I have no idea how to install this Alfred Bunch thing but I wish I did. Why do people not include installation instructions? …

Feb 9, 2021: Tried switching from Things to Sorted but something isn’t working for me with iCloud syncing. Oh well. Back to Things.

Jan 27, 2021: Every time I finally pony up for an app, it ends up on Setapp one day later.

Jan 22, 2021: Obsidian, you make me happy.

Dec 7, 2020: Discovered the Alfred integration. Alfred workflows always make me happy.

Dec 6, 2020: Back to Things 3. I was wooed by OmniFocus but realized it’s overkill for me. Then I was wooed by Todoist, which was great. However, Things is …

Nov 29, 2020: Just realized that my AirPods Pro have wireless charging.

Aug 20, 2020: Grabbed Longplay and for the first time in a long time I’m listening to a full album. Feels good.

Aug 13, 2020: About to sign up for a account. Seems like a great fit for our needs.

Aug 6, 2020: Added an inverter to our travel trailer

Aug 6, 2020: can anyone recommend an FTP platform that will auto-delete files after x days?

Jul 25, 2020: Onewheel camping

Jul 21, 2020: We should get our mobile internet bundle before our upcoming getaway. Hope the AT&T data plan covers the area we will be hanging out at.

Jul 6, 2020: My ATEM Mini Pro arrived today. Waited almost 2 months to get it. Super excited. @aaronpk

Jul 5, 2020: My daughter discovered this creature in our front yard this morning.

Jul 4, 2020: At first I was like… I use FastMail and Sanebox so Hey can bite me. Then I tried it. Now I pay for it. I am a convert.

Jul 2, 2020: My new Onewheel XR arrived today. So excited to ride this thing.

Jun 18, 2020: i want to like mailmate. it’s so sluggish tho. and i have a rather fast iMac.

Jun 18, 2020: This is me tooling around our campground on my Onewheel.

May 24, 2020: Been using my kids Osmo stand a lot lately. It’s really handy!

May 21, 2020: Day One’s On this day reminders, I find enjoyable.

May 21, 2020: Last day of the school year for our kids. Everyone in the family is relieved. Trying to teach our kids has been rather stressful.

May 16, 2020: Organize audio cables day

May 15, 2020: I’m turning to TaskPaper yet again. I keep all text in Drafts but nothing beats the outliner in TaskPaper. I was hopeful that the TaskPaper …

May 15, 2020: who are these people that raise their iMacs? i can’t get mine low enough.

May 15, 2020: Really enjoying this wallpaper I bought on Gumroad.

May 13, 2020: I love Drafts.

May 13, 2020: Aye Aye. Eh. Write. Er.

May 9, 2020: It gets a bit out of control.

May 6, 2020: Upgraded HoudahSpot. It asked if I wanted to import license info into 1Password. Hell yeah. Thoughtful touch.

May 5, 2020: I get the sense that something is going to happen on June 22.

May 1, 2020:

Apr 25, 2020: Having fun with the family on our rolly things.

Apr 25, 2020: The Magic Keyboard For iPad Works well for me. I like it quite a bit.

Apr 23, 2020: Prepping for an internal pilot We are investigating a remote research platform and will conduct an internal pilot on Tuesday. Our initial testing reveals this solution may go a long …

Apr 18, 2020: Watched Step Brothers. Took a nap. Watched a guy cook a steak on YouTube.

Mar 12, 2020:

Mar 12, 2020: Got my Mac Pro 5,1 and am having a good ol’ time tinkering with it. First order of business, added a 3TB drive so that I can install Mojave. It …

Mar 7, 2020: Happy 7th birthday Tatum Sky.

Feb 29, 2020: On the cusp of buying a Mac Pro 5,1 from 2010. What am I thinking?

Feb 29, 2020:

Feb 16, 2020: Archived 13 years of work emails in EagleFiler

Feb 6, 2020: Enjoying many aspects of Fantastical 3. The Zoom integration is not one of them. Keeps asking me for my password every so often even though I have …

Jan 28, 2020: Created my first Microsoft Logic App. Receives an HTTPS call and deletes an Outlook event.

Jan 18, 2020: Reading Take Control of DEVONthink 3 in DEVONthink to Go on my iPad. Decided I prefer DEVONthink over Keep It .

Dec 18, 2019: Pointed my new domain, used solely for unique email aliases, to Moving all the things now.

Dec 10, 2019:

Nov 21, 2019: Eager to get my Apple Watch wood band. These things are really cool and affordable.

Nov 16, 2019: Bought myself a Onewheel Pint.

Nov 16, 2019: Thinking about getting a Nest once again now that I know I can integrate it with HomeKit via the Starling Home Hub.

Nov 16, 2019:

Oct 26, 2019: Voodoo Donuts

Jun 17, 2019: now more than ever in my new role i can see the value in using Agenda.

Jun 15, 2019:

Jun 4, 2019: We had a lovely time in the Bahamas

May 29, 2019: Our family is going on our first cruise. Also, first flight for my kiddos. They are so excited. Not sure how they are going to decide who gets the …

May 19, 2019: So eager for the new Noteplan for Mac to arrive.

May 19, 2019: Gave up my AnyList subscription when I switched to Grocery and the promise of native Reminders support. Problem is that for whatever reason, my watch …

May 18, 2019: Giving Hook an actual trial. Now that I’ve taken some time to understand it and experiment with how to make it work, I’m truly hopeful …

May 18, 2019: MarsEdit • Setapp. Nice.

May 7, 2019: Can’t believe there was a school shooting where my kids go to school today. Thankfully my kids are OK. There has been one confirmed death. We are all …

May 3, 2019: Back to Things. It works best for my brain.

May 3, 2019: Got burned by Agenda’s Dropbox sync and lost some files. I admit I foolishly turned on Dropbox sync even though it was in Beta so my bad. …

May 2, 2019: Pulled a g sheet into DEVONthink 3 and my head exploded.

Apr 30, 2019: It’s my last day in my role as Manager.

Apr 29, 2019: Due to Apple yanking OurPact, a parental control iOS app, my kid is now locked out of her iPad. This is fun.

Apr 27, 2019: Successfully followed a blog post to put in place a Slack slash command which draws from an Airtable. Glitch for the win.

Apr 25, 2019: After reading a Plex blog article about their amazing Tidal integration I decided to give it a go. Sign up, enter CC info… and error on their …

Apr 23, 2019: Really happy Luna Display got this update… We’ve updated Luna so it will no longer reset your user preferences when you enable mirroring.

Apr 20, 2019: Ready for the hunt.

Apr 19, 2019: i’m chali 2na

Apr 19, 2019: Easter eggs

Apr 19, 2019: Got promoted to Director of Innovation & Process Improvement today. So excited! 12+ years at AnswerLab and I’m eager as ever to make change.

Apr 14, 2019: Spent the day at Elitch Gardens.

Apr 13, 2019: Reading Code Craft and learning a lot. 📚

Apr 8, 2019: It’s time.

Apr 7, 2019: Cloud. Check.

Apr 7, 2019: Successfully setup a Grav install on a Linode server. Couldn’t have done it w/o the instructions.

Apr 7, 2019: Parker Moon had 4 teeth pulled. She’s in happy spirits.

Apr 7, 2019: Apex trail Went for a hike with my buddy on the Apex trail.

Apr 4, 2019: Paid for Airtable Pro

Apr 3, 2019: My kids

Mar 30, 2019: Jordan Merrick’s Mocktail is amazing.…

Mar 28, 2019: Playing around with Grav tonight.

Mar 27, 2019: reinstall Luna iOS app. restart mac. all is well again.

Mar 27, 2019: luna display will not open on my ipad pro. :(

Mar 25, 2019: I’ve been adopting the practice of maintaining a change log in the notes section for my Zaps.

Mar 25, 2019: Boostnote looks like an interesting editor. As if I don’t have enough of those.

Mar 24, 2019: My new Squarespace site will be a CV of sorts, focusing on my role as UX Research Manager/Geek. I think it’s an interesting intersection. I plan …

Mar 24, 2019: Listening to Blurryface by twenty one pilots once again. it keeps drawing me in.

Mar 24, 2019: Started a Squarespace site to host my projects/CV.

Mar 21, 2019: using omnioutliner to track a project and i’m remembering how awesome outliners can be.

Mar 20, 2019: Been trying to solve a Zapier challenge for the past week and a half. I awoke at 4am with a potential solution, tried it out, and it works! So excited …

Mar 16, 2019: Escape fail

Mar 14, 2019: Learned that one has to wrap the JSON payload with “blocks”: [] when using code generated from the Slack Block Builder.

Mar 14, 2019: Been poking around the Slack API. Learned about Postman, which is a handy tool.

Mar 14, 2019: Stumbled upon my Newton.

Mar 13, 2019: Jumped on the yearly plan.

Mar 13, 2019: Can’t decide.

Mar 13, 2019: I wonder why my Sunlit posts do not appear on The odd thing is that it does appear in my feed reader.

Mar 13, 2019: Had a great time in Mexico for our annual company summit.

Mar 12, 2019: How to Incorporate UX Research into Every Stage of the Design Thinking Process

Mar 12, 2019: Milo The Sleeping Unicorn Bulldog

Mar 12, 2019: Pointed my email newsletters back to Stoop. Having them in Feedbin didn’t suit my fancy.

Mar 10, 2019: flickr data requested

Mar 6, 2019: Scapple is one of my favorite Mac apps.

Feb 25, 2019: Surprises me that Manton emails me personally to let me know that my ssl cert is enabled. That can’t possibly scale.

Feb 25, 2019: I learn something new about Fiery Feeds every time I launch

Feb 25, 2019: The problem with Org mode is that it’s not Markdown.

Feb 25, 2019: I’m so going to pi-hole

Feb 25, 2019: I want to try BBEdit

Feb 25, 2019: sometimes i wish i didn’t have credit cards. they just get me in trouble.

Feb 25, 2019: As much as I’m intrigued by tiddlywiki on glitch, I’m going to keep my work related tiddlywiki on my laptop. I feel more secure …

Feb 25, 2019: Enrolled in Clear which should help speed things up at the airport. I’m already a TSA-Pre lemming but my wife is not. I’ll do anything to …

Feb 25, 2019: surprised that i can only select BBEdit or TextWrangler for ‘Edit With’ editor in MarsEdit. why not let me choose whatever editor i want?

Feb 25, 2019: heading to cancun, mexico for 5 days. 3 days for company retreat, 2 days for personal time with my wife. so eager.

Feb 25, 2019: realized/acknowledged that is where i blog. so, i pointed my domain to and that’s that. not sure why i held out so long. …

Feb 25, 2019: woohoo. ssl for my site now in effect.

Feb 24, 2019: bought some fresh duds from gap tonight. hello bomber jacket.

Feb 24, 2019: To the person who added TiddlyWiki to Glitch, I salute you. Not so much for the act but for the documentation… Probably sign in to Glitch I …

Feb 24, 2019: when will DNS get easy?

Feb 23, 2019: Evening with Dad Dance was fun. My kids had a blast.

Feb 23, 2019: This is cool. Hover has an easy way to configure for your domain.

Feb 23, 2019: To point to my, is this correct for my CNAME record? or should it point to

Feb 22, 2019: Spent a few hours trying to get an interactive slack bot up and running with a glitch template. No dice.

Feb 22, 2019: TiddlyDesktop for the win.

Feb 16, 2019: trying aquamacs

Feb 16, 2019: watching uncle dave in order to learn org mode

Feb 16, 2019: dabbling in VS Code Org Mode…

Feb 13, 2019: Created another slack slash command. This one searches Box and dishes up a link. Simple and very well received from my teammates.

Feb 12, 2019: this org mode for beginners page is helpful…

Feb 12, 2019: added the Org Mode manual to Dash. Now we’re talking.

Feb 12, 2019: the org mode manual is actually very good. my gripe is that for a total beginner, it is lacking in clarity.

Feb 11, 2019: So, eero is out. Can I trust NETGEAR?

Feb 11, 2019: Learning Org mode is comedic. The manual is a joke. How about her’e how to start at step zero? Activation chapter is especially funny for the …

Feb 11, 2019: Exlax. LatEx. Emax. Betamax. Max headroom. ET. All the same to me.

Feb 11, 2019: Amazon buys Apple. Crap.

Feb 11, 2019: So what’s next. Is Amazon going to buy Casper, my friggin pillow?

Feb 11, 2019: Remember when you didn’t know jack fucking shit about Emacs or Org mode? Yeah.

Feb 11, 2019: Obviously, the Emacs docs I am reading are not created by Mac/iOS sheeple. Again, not complaining, just sayin’.

Feb 11, 2019: OK, so Meta is the Option key on a Mac. Got it. Emacs instructions are challenging.

Feb 11, 2019: In Emacs, we formally define a key sequence (or just key) to mean a sequence of keyboard (or mouse) actions and a com- plete key to mean one or more …

Feb 11, 2019: This whole Emacs endeavor is totally foreign to me. Emacs and Org mode documentation do not make it easy. You have to work for it. That’s for sure. …

Feb 11, 2019: Learning about Emacs and Org mode from scratch. I’m a babe in the woods. Loving it.

Feb 11, 2019: going org mode

Feb 9, 2019: Reminds me of that scene from The Shining @jack

Feb 8, 2019: awesome @cheri

Feb 8, 2019: I find the app to be rather slow.

Feb 8, 2019: As I move my email newsletter subs to Feedbin, I’m wondering what happens after I read one? Does it disappear? I kind of like being able to pull up …

Feb 8, 2019: So, replying to a post kicks me back to the top of my feed? That’s lame.

Feb 8, 2019: I’ve lost ~15 lbs since Jan 2, thank to Keto, a drinking hiatus, and exercise. Tonight, however, I eat pizza, drink beer, and live life!

Feb 8, 2019: Made my first Slack bot. /supervisor takes a Slack username, looks it up in BambooHR and returns the person’s title and Supervisor. Geek creds …

Feb 7, 2019: Um, ok. Forget about stoop. Now that i know that Feedbin can handle my newsletter emails, I’m all in. Thanks @ablaze for making me aware of this …

Feb 5, 2019: We went to see art in Denver the other night. Always eager to get a peek behind the scenes like this studio.

Feb 5, 2019: Creating a manager training video at work. Busted out my Yeti, Audio Hijack, and ScreenFlow. Fun stuff!

Feb 2, 2019: Went to see A Star is Born this morning. Fantastic movie.

Jan 31, 2019: Keychron keyboard arrived last night. Initial thoughts not good. Bluetooth not working. Battery not staying charged. Sigh.

Jan 30, 2019: Waiting for the delivery person is like watching paint dry.

Jan 29, 2019: Wrapping up the day

Jan 28, 2019: enabled time machine backups (with quota of course) on my synology.

Jan 27, 2019: giving uBar another shot

Jan 27, 2019: just imported a tiddler from @jack’s wiki. this tiddlywiki stuff is indeed fun and exciting.

Jan 26, 2019: tiddlywinkin’

Jan 24, 2019: Often I consider mapping to and calling it a day.

Jan 24, 2019: If only there were a way to automatically mirror displays upon connecting to my MacBook Pro with the Luna. Alas, doesn’t seem possible based on …

Jan 24, 2019: The Luna Display blows my mind

Jan 24, 2019: I’ve tried Blot with Dropbox and then git mode. I think I’ll go back to Dropbox mode. Far less friction.

Jan 22, 2019: Command-Shift-P in fman no longer works for me. Hmph.

Jan 22, 2019: Snow day today. I don’t have to take the kids anywhere. YES!

Jan 21, 2019: i wish touche, the mac app, floated.

Jan 20, 2019: Orderd myself a Keychron keyboard

Jan 19, 2019: ∞ Additional Application Support in Marked This is pretty slick. Now that I’m back on nvALT, I needed to figure this out. You can drag an entire folder to the Marked icon and it will open a …

Jan 18, 2019: ∞ 7 easy Instant Pot recipes While these recipes would typically require hours in a slow cooker or Dutch oven, the Instant Pot cooks these up in an hour and a half or less. We …

Jan 17, 2019: ∞ Marked 2 gets handy update Anyway, the latest version of Marked 2 (2.5.30) is available on all channels now (Mac App Store, direct, and Setapp). I’ve been holding off posting …

Jan 17, 2019: i am thankful for zapier paths

Jan 15, 2019: The upcoming clamp down at work has prompted me to remove all the personal things from my work laptop. Quite an adventure. So much intertwined. It’s …

Jan 14, 2019: OK, Blot is awesome. I ponied up the $20 annual fee.

Jan 12, 2019: I really, really want to delete my IG account. The only thing holding me back is that my IG photos integrate with the Gyroscope app. I wish the …

Jan 12, 2019: discovered fman. wow. exactly what the doctor ordered.

Dec 31, 2018:

Dec 27, 2018: Happy fucking new year

Dec 24, 2018:

Dec 23, 2018: Moved all my notes into NotePlan

Dec 22, 2018:

Dec 16, 2018: Ugly Xmas sweater party. Check.

Dec 15, 2018: Posting to from MarsEdit. Now we’re talking.

Dec 15, 2018: determined to rid myself of a graveyard of todo’s. it’s exhausting. going to purge my things backlog and try living day by day.

Dec 15, 2018: Reading do yourself a favor: ditch the to-do lists, and start living in your calendar today

Dec 15, 2018: i’m late to the party. just discovered grimes and really diggin’ her music.

Dec 15, 2018: trying to convert my everything to NotePlan

Dec 14, 2018:

Dec 14, 2018: though i’ve been on the beta of marsedit for years, i ponied up for a license yet again. time to pay. love that app. wanted to start blogging …

Dec 14, 2018: Ordered a 2nd homepod from B&H for $250. Absolutely loving my homepod.

Dec 9, 2018: Zzzzzzz

Dec 9, 2018: your phone is a tool, not a boss

Dec 9, 2018: Fun bday night with Michelle and friends.

Dec 8, 2018:

Dec 6, 2018:

Dec 6, 2018:

Nov 27, 2018: Been playing Exploding Kittens with my family. Kids can’t get enough. Neither can I.

Nov 27, 2018: Got to have my Pandora. Grabbed Anesidora for my Mac and immediately left a tip.…

Nov 27, 2018: bought a homepod. selling my sonos. happy with my decision.

Nov 19, 2018: As I considered which keyboard to purchase for my iPad, it became clear to me that it was going to be a smart connected (or whatever it is called) …

Nov 19, 2018: My week of iPad only was such a success that I decided to buy myself a Logitech keyboard. Going all in.

Nov 17, 2018: Last week I worked exclusively from my iPad Pro. There was only one time that I need my Mac… to export a PPT to JPEG, which I’ve never had to …

Nov 17, 2018: Today we celebrate Friendsgiving.

Nov 10, 2018: WAT

Nov 10, 2018: Learning to Fly

Nov 4, 2018: My awesome colleagues

Nov 4, 2018: Parker had a wonderful birthday party with lots of friends.

Nov 4, 2018: Milo wanted in the wagon

Nov 1, 2018: Guess where I’m at

Oct 29, 2018: Happy 8th birthday Parker Moon

Oct 27, 2018:

Oct 27, 2018:

Oct 27, 2018: Digging this.

Oct 27, 2018: Controlling Farrago via TouchOSC app for some spooky halloween sounds.

Oct 27, 2018:

Oct 27, 2018:

Oct 25, 2018: PDFpen is now on Setapp. My subscription keeps getting better and better.

Oct 24, 2018: i voted

Oct 21, 2018: keen to start adding logic to my zaps. thus far they’ve been fairly rudimentary.

Oct 21, 2018: There must be a way for me to efficiently move a bunch of sheets from Ulysses to Drafts on my Mac.

Oct 21, 2018: So, this post has been stuck at the top of my feed for a few days now.

Oct 21, 2018: coming to grips with the fact that very few of my friends share my political views.

Oct 21, 2018: There is much cleaning (surface mainly) going on before my wife’s return from a three day getaway with friends. The kids are even pitching in.

Oct 20, 2018: reinstalled Group Text+ on iPhone. such a great app for quickly messaging my wife.

Oct 20, 2018: Trying this on for size

Oct 20, 2018: Tatum Sky likes to color

Oct 20, 2018: Parker Moon can’t get enough of the stingrays

Oct 19, 2018: Which one looks more crazy?

Oct 17, 2018:

Oct 16, 2018: oh hello Drafts for Mac beta. i’ve been anticipating your arrival.

Oct 15, 2018: Kickstand

Oct 15, 2018: Snuggle

Oct 15, 2018: BFFs

Oct 14, 2018: Drafts –> Zapier –> Trello. loving it.

Oct 13, 2018: Watts up

Oct 11, 2018: Tatum Sky

Oct 11, 2018: Parker Moon

Oct 9, 2018: Really happy to have discovered Yoink for Mac - Usage Tips

Oct 8, 2018: Super excited that BambooHR is now integrated with Zapier.

Oct 7, 2018:

Oct 7, 2018:

Oct 4, 2018: Milo

Oct 3, 2018: Three dogs

Sep 30, 2018: Most sour face you can make

Sep 30, 2018: Setup my first one-time password in 1Password. I’ll be moving away from Lockdown to 1Password soon.

Sep 30, 2018: Cloudflare Registrar Wave 8. I have been happy with Hover but I’m going to switch.

Sep 26, 2018: Going minimal

Sep 23, 2018:

Sep 23, 2018:

Sep 23, 2018:

Sep 23, 2018:

Sep 23, 2018:

Sep 22, 2018:

Sep 17, 2018: Every receipt I scan into my ScanSnap iX100. It goes automatically into Hubdoc.

Sep 17, 2018: Switched to an iPhone X case which doubles as a wallet recently. I think it’s called a Jimmy or something like that. I’m sold. No more …

Sep 17, 2018: Two worlds collide. integrates with YNAB.…

Sep 15, 2018:

Sep 15, 2018:

Sep 15, 2018: Bad Daddy’s Bad Ass Margaritas

Sep 14, 2018: Me. 2018.

Sep 14, 2018:

Sep 9, 2018: Break dancing angel

Sep 8, 2018:

Sep 8, 2018:

Sep 8, 2018:

Sep 4, 2018:

Sep 4, 2018:

Sep 4, 2018:

Sep 4, 2018:

Sep 1, 2018:

Sep 1, 2018:

Aug 28, 2018: David Byrne

Aug 26, 2018:

Aug 26, 2018:

Aug 25, 2018:

Aug 25, 2018:

Aug 25, 2018:

Aug 25, 2018:

Aug 23, 2018: Celebrating Women-Led Businesses

Aug 22, 2018: Happy with our Rachio sprinkler system. Today’s watering was skipped automatically because my smart sprinkler system knew it is going to rain.

Aug 21, 2018: My wife and I came up with a new motto. Don’t do anything stupid.

Aug 19, 2018: It’s only 9:14pm yet it feels like 11:48pm.

Aug 19, 2018:

Aug 19, 2018: My kids love to play Toca Hospital.

Aug 16, 2018: Installed Ecobee Switch+ and it works! Unfortunately now none of the plugs in my living room work. Sigh. I wish I was handy.

Aug 16, 2018:

Aug 16, 2018: Really happy to see RapidWeaver v8 on Setapp. For some reason when major upgrades happen, I think that might be the end of the road for that app on …

Aug 15, 2018:

Aug 14, 2018:

Aug 14, 2018: YNAB just went down.

Aug 12, 2018:

Aug 9, 2018:

Aug 4, 2018:

Aug 2, 2018:

Aug 2, 2018:

Aug 1, 2018:

Aug 1, 2018:

Aug 1, 2018:

Jul 28, 2018:

Jul 18, 2018: Whole home energy audit happening now. My energy bills are out of control. Hope they can help figure out what’s going on.

Jul 16, 2018:

Jul 15, 2018:

Jul 9, 2018:

Jul 7, 2018:

Jul 4, 2018:

Jul 3, 2018:

Jul 1, 2018:

Jun 30, 2018:

Jun 28, 2018: Created a Zap today that attaches a Zoom recording link to a particular Trello card and then moves that card to a new list. In one Zap I’ve made the …

Jun 26, 2018: Got my Luna and am quite impressed. Easy setup and incredibly fast display.

Jun 25, 2018:

Jun 23, 2018:

Jun 22, 2018:

Jun 19, 2018:

Jun 17, 2018:

Jun 16, 2018:

Jun 6, 2018: Double rainbow tonight

Jun 3, 2018:

May 28, 2018: Ran the BolderBOULDER 10K today. Last time I ran in a 10K was 30 years ago. Feeling great.

May 28, 2018: Got tickets to see David Byrne at Red Rocks. Need I say how excited I am about this?

May 25, 2018: Took our kids to the North Pole, Santa’s Workshop, in CO today. Yes I know it’s late May.

May 24, 2018: I love Scapple. Helps me process my thoughts better than any other mind mapping tool.

May 24, 2018: Growing tired of all my Synology woes like Drive, Cloud Sync, and Cloud Station Backup. Oh, and the never ending indexing process. All of these give …

May 23, 2018: Reduced my Services menu down to one item. It’s all I ever use.

May 23, 2018: Path Finder upgraded

May 22, 2018: Ponied up for Audio Hijack 3. Got it for 25 bones since I had a previous license.

May 22, 2018: Reconfiguring Synology Cloud Sync from scratch. Fun.

May 21, 2018: As much as I 💌 my new Shure mic, there’s nothing like tossing my Bose earbuds in and hitting record.

May 21, 2018: Hello Squirrels

May 21, 2018: always proud of myself when i google rogue amoeba and i spell it right

May 21, 2018: Setapp is one of my favoritest things

May 21, 2018: Part of me wants to blow up my Jekyll blog and go all in on as my main blog. No more github and all that. Just good old Would …

May 21, 2018: Hazel for the win

May 20, 2018:

May 19, 2018: Digging Plexamp

May 19, 2018: got the shure mv88 microphone. love it. wish i didn’t have to remove my iPhone case to use it so i may just use it with my iPad only for now.

May 19, 2018: Added my music library to Plex and then added Plex to My Sonos. Good times.

May 19, 2018: Why is it that my Apple Watch can unlock my laptop yet I still have to type in my password all the time for websites, etc?

May 17, 2018: Finally automated Box folder creation with many sub folders based on a trigger of a new Opportunity in Salesforce. This is going to allow me to …

May 15, 2018: Reimagining donovan’s thoughtStream

May 12, 2018: Signed both of my kids up for the [Kids Obstacle Challenge]. (

May 11, 2018: Oh, Hi IFCOMPANYNAMEI,!

May 11, 2018: Excited to watch my kid run in the annual Fun Run at her school this morning.

May 10, 2018: Lovely Day

May 8, 2018: Today’s Walk

May 6, 2018: Bought a Slice Planner. Eager to check it out. The 1 star reviews of the app have me concerned but hey, it was only $20. So, if the app sucks as much …

May 5, 2018: Took my five year old to a birthday party at Jungle Quest today. She had no interest in participating in the ‘harness required’ events …

May 5, 2018: TrainAsONE is my 10K AI running coach…

May 5, 2018: This morning’s run.

May 5, 2018: Why did it take me so long to install the Things 3 PopClip extension?…

May 5, 2018: Threshold Run Total: 55 min

May 4, 2018: Finally! Using my Bose headset plugged directly into my iPhoneX produced a good quality microcast via Wavelength/Auphonic. I guess this means I should …

May 4, 2018: Today’s Be Healthy Update Checking in and hoping my audio issues are a thing of the past.

May 3, 2018: It’s rainsnowing today.

May 3, 2018: I think I’ll try my third Wavelength microcast later on today. This time, rather than using my Airpods or BeatsX, I”ll just speak directly …

May 3, 2018: After a computer swap, I finally got back up and running with RapidWeaver. What a friggin’ frustrating experience that was to get stacks and …

May 2, 2018: Entered The BolderBOULDER 10K Super excited to run this race.

May 2, 2018: I’ve created two microcasts. Each time, I’ve gotten this message from Auphonic… ‘The input file of your Auphonic production has a very …

May 2, 2018: Accomplished My Goal I met my weight goal after years. Hitting 11k steps per day.

May 1, 2018:

May 1, 2018: Just Walking Around The Neighborhood The girls were having a good ol’ time on our walk. We came across this cool chalk drawing. Tatum got a piggy back ride from Parker.

Apr 26, 2018: Trees are showing their colors.

Apr 25, 2018: Clay Basket was my first introduction to creating a website. As I surveyed the available options at the time, it was clear that Clay Basket was built …

Apr 25, 2018: And now I have a microcast. Thanks @manton!

Apr 25, 2018: Let’s Do This Thing Whereby I find my micro casting purpose.

Apr 17, 2018: 25 MPH winds here today in Littleton, CO.

Apr 11, 2018: Excited to learn about iPad Collective – Handpicked apps and accessories for the iPad. by Jordan Merrick.

Mar 20, 2018: What good’s a computerized note? - Lou Reed

Mar 16, 2018: First They Were Happy. Then they melted down.

Mar 11, 2018: 2018-03-07 The kids had a blast at Chuck E Cheese. 2018-03-10 Tatum’s party at Jump Street was so much fun.

Feb 17, 2018: Finally found a minimal meditation Apple Watch solution in Still: Meditation tracking for your iPhone and Apple Watch

Feb 17, 2018: Making peanut butter cookies out of the blue

Feb 10, 2018: Music videos detract

Feb 7, 2018: Tried Lire. Not sure it is a fit. My goto is Fiery Feeds and I think I will stick with that.

Jan 24, 2018: Was attempting to reconnect my ecobee3 to Homekit. Accidentally deleted my Home from Homekit. No way to recover apparently. Sigh. 🏠

Dec 25, 2017: Christmas time. It seems that the box full of wrapping paper trash is her favorite thing.

Dec 23, 2017: Vegan chalk bomb. I cracked up during that podcast episode. My wife thinks I’m losing it.

Dec 12, 2017: Blue Jeans. The official pant of IndieWebCamp Austin.

Dec 9, 2017: Setup our ScanSnap ix100 to scan directly to Hubdoc. My wife did a little happy dance.

Dec 7, 2017: For whatever reason, Quadro decided to start working properly again. I shall now carry on with setting up my iPad Dashboard.

Dec 5, 2017: I listen to daily.

Dec 5, 2017: Gold

Dec 5, 2017: I had no idea that TaskPaper had a Palette Command (or whatever it’s called). That is awesome.

Dec 5, 2017: Revised my Pinboard feed so that only links I tag as ‘microblog’ will post here.

Dec 5, 2017: Looking into how I might best use TaskPaper and Reminders.

Dec 3, 2017:

Dec 1, 2017: Intrigued by LinkLocker.

Dec 1, 2017: Need to get a new magic keyboard so I don’t have to keep swapping batteries all the time.

Dec 1, 2017: Been using Parseur to parse emails. Really well done solution.

Dec 1, 2017: Had to ask Zapier for help with my most advanced Zap yet. So close yet so far. Their support rocks.

Dec 1, 2017: Been turning to Keyboard Maestro more and more lately. Today I’m working on a macro to quickly delete a Box folder when a particular email …

Nov 30, 2017: Reptilicus

Nov 29, 2017: The lack of a TransLoader share sheet when I need it most is deflating.

Nov 29, 2017: Would like Drafts for Mac.

Nov 29, 2017: Would like to be able to post to from Drafts.

Nov 29, 2017: In one Pinboard, out the other.

Nov 29, 2017: Zapier driven by Alfred is pretty much my holy grail.…

Nov 29, 2017: Experimenting with Twist as a Slack alternative. I do believe that Slack is not conducive to focusing on doing great work.

Nov 29, 2017: Made my Chuze Fitness barcode my Apple Watch background. Should work, right? The date stamp is persistent but I don’t think that should be an issue. …

Nov 29, 2017: Added my Pinboard.

Nov 28, 2017: Trying out Spark email client again. Really nice touches throughout like exporting an email to Reminders, beautiful calendar invites, and Prefs …

Nov 27, 2017: Figured out how to use Keyboard Maestro’s URL scheme to solve a particular need at work. I’ve been able to reduce a several minute manual …

Nov 13, 2017: Trying out GoodTask and loving it. Thanks to SetApp, I already have access to it and am now thinking this may be what I move to from Daylite.

Nov 13, 2017: Surprised there is not a Reminders app PopClip extension.

Nov 9, 2017: Fantastic benefits coming in December for Eero Plus members.. VPN, 1Password, and anti-malware software.

Nov 7, 2017: Popmaker is handy. I created a search popclip extension. I am going to use this daily I imagine.

Nov 5, 2017: Tonight concludes Halloween week for my kids. Any remaining candy gets sent to the elves who will then thank my daughters by pushing their toys to the …

Nov 2, 2017: Just switched to the Professional plan for Zapier. My most useful tool lately.

Nov 1, 2017: set Text size to Large.

Nov 1, 2017: Planning to use Brett’s Planter project to help solve for a Box folder template challenge.

Nov 1, 2017: The neighborhood pumpkins on Halloween were quite spectacular this year.

Oct 30, 2017: Having fun mocking up a client portal. Using RapidWeaver and Foundation for rapid action.

Oct 29, 2017: Happy 7th birthday Parker Moon.

Oct 23, 2017: Today I need to write a report documenting the findings from my recent UX study. On days like this, I always turn to the Pomodoro technique.

Oct 22, 2017: Discovered TextSoap is part of SetApp. I used to turn to this app years ago. Going to come in quite handy.

Oct 21, 2017: Off to Skate City for my oldest daughter’s 7th birthday party.

Oct 17, 2017: Panobook arrived today. Pretty nice piece of work. Going to be handy having a pad of good old fashioned paper at my fingertips.

Oct 15, 2017: My daughters made a leprechaun trap. ‘It is fine if you take the candy even no you are small!’

Oct 14, 2017: Tinkering with netlify. I want to expand my Jekyll plugin options and learn about continuous deployment.

Oct 12, 2017: Poking around regex for the first time. I finally have a clear need. It’s fascinating learning this stuff.

Oct 9, 2017: I wonder when Daylite triggers will be available for us Zapier users? I’d like tasks I complete to push to I Done This.

Oct 8, 2017: Playing music on my Sonos from our Echo. This is fantastic.

Oct 8, 2017: Now sharing my iCloud storage plan with my family. That will save us $2.99/month.

Oct 7, 2017: Can’t grasp how Apple can be so privacy minded yet allow Uber to grab screenshots of your iPhone even when it is not the active app.

Oct 7, 2017: Switched from Path Finder to ForkLift for 6 months or so. Worked well enough for my needs but I’m going back. Partly because I’m just familiar with …

Oct 7, 2017: Picked up a used freezer for our garage. We sold ours when we moved to Colorado and have missed that luxury. My wife is baking again so now she is a …

Oct 5, 2017: I have a hard time comprehending how drastic the change has been with iOS 11 and this 10” iPad Pro compared to iOS 10. It is incredible. I feel like a …

Oct 4, 2017: Pretty sure I am not going to get my refund from Mellow. They said no problem but have since not refunded me nor responded to me. It has been weeks.

Oct 2, 2017: I love Scapple. Restriction-free mind mapping.

Oct 2, 2017: Going to try Mailgun yet again. Goal is to take an auto-generated email that gets sent upon status field change in Salesforce to …

Oct 2, 2017: The Moves app has stopped working again. Time to move on I guess. Unfortunate since it is the preferred location integration for Gyroscope.

Oct 1, 2017: Looking forward to putting an hour or so into learning more of a course I’m currently taking.

Sep 30, 2017: My kiddos standing next to a huge mobile phone.

Sep 29, 2017: Was presented with the opportunity to lead several exciting initiatives at work. My mind is racing. These are right up my alley.

Sep 28, 2017: Now that I know how to create hooks that allow me to control Zaps from Alfred, my mind won’t stop thinking of new ways to get all the things …

Sep 27, 2017: I want to see a documentary about Ken Burns

Sep 27, 2017: Listening to Dusk by The The this evening. ‘True Hapiness this way Lies’

Sep 25, 2017: Mapping out a report I’m writing. Using iThoughts on my iPad and it is wonderful.

Sep 23, 2017: Created a five step Zap this morning. My Zaps are getting more complex and powerful.

Sep 22, 2017: Company assigned MacBook Pro crapping out on me. Will be taking a trip to an Apple town hall soon.

Sep 21, 2017: 8th UX Research session coming up. There have been clear trends.

Sep 16, 2017: Went fly fishing on the South Platte today.

Sep 15, 2017: Spent some time today creating some Zaps that are going to really help me get some things done more efficiently.

Sep 12, 2017: Enabled Two-Factor Authentication on yet another service.

Sep 12, 2017: Just sold, the first domain I ever registered. Was hanging on to it for sentimental reasons. Which is weird. Show me the $$!

Sep 12, 2017: Oh boy. That was not good.

Sep 12, 2017: Animojis are kind of crazy amazing

Sep 12, 2017: Spider man movie looks really lame

Sep 12, 2017: iPhone X iPhone X iPhone X iPhone X iPhone X iPhone X iPhone X iPhone X iPhone X iPhone X

Sep 12, 2017: Here we go….

Sep 10, 2017: Created a Zap that allows me to add a contact to Salesforce from my Mac using Alfred. I’m tickled. I have to do this often enough that this is …

Sep 10, 2017: Selling some Airport Extremes/Expresses to Mac Me An Offer. Figuring out serial numbers has thus far been the most challenging part.

Sep 10, 2017: Should I go for it?

Sep 9, 2017: When I add microposts to my Jekyll blog, I don’t want a ‘Read more’ link since the entire post is usually the same thing. This site has a solution to …

Sep 9, 2017: Intrigued by the lofree keyboard.

Sep 9, 2017: Thinking about getting Alfred for Mac now that I know Alfred integrates with Zapier. LaunchBar has been my goto for years but the ability to control …

Sep 8, 2017: Of course supports split view. Loving it.

Sep 8, 2017: Seems odd that I cannot link to an album on Apple Music. I must be missing something. Anyhow, listening to Funeral by Arcade Fire and can’t …

Sep 8, 2017: Indie microblogging is the gateway drug for long-form content.

Sep 8, 2017: on a 10” iPad Pro exhibits a glitch on the right hand side. Force quitting seems to help but it comes back.

Sep 8, 2017: Yeah.. definitely want a share sheet extension. Sure, I can and likely will whip up a Workflow but like I said.. I definitely want a …

Sep 7, 2017: Slowly following more people on My timeline is getting interesting!

Sep 6, 2017: Thanks to Ulysses X-Callback-Support I can open a particular sheet quickly on my iOS devices. Is this same type of thing not available for the Mac? …

Sep 6, 2017: Switched to Synology Cloud Sync for my Box connection and it’s working well. I prefer not to have Box Sync running on my Mac.

Sep 5, 2017: Waffling on where to post micro posts. I can post directly to or I can post to my Jekyll blog and have it pushed to my site. Any …

Sep 4, 2017: Github Pages hosts my blog, Donovan’s Brain. Today I decided to install Jekyll locally to close the loop. Wasn’t too painful.

Sep 4, 2017: Github Pages hosts my blog, Donovan’s Brain. Today I decided to install Jekyll locally to close the loop. Wasn’t too painful.

Sep 4, 2017: Turned off Activity notifications on my watch. I am eager to escape the daily reminders.

Sep 3, 2017: Trying out TodayPoster.

Sep 3, 2017: Not happy with Hyper Backup to Amazon Drive. Switching to Arq –> B2. Didn’t want to have to mount the Synology to the Mac but I think …

Sep 2, 2017:

Sep 1, 2017: Thank you @manton

Sep 1, 2017: happy friday!

Aug 31, 2017: Though I’ve been a Ulysses user for a while now, I still felt compelled to sign up for the Learn Ulysses course from @thesweetsetup. Check it …

Aug 31, 2017: Follow someone on or subscribe to their feed and read their posts in my feed reader? I can’t decide.

Aug 29, 2017: Transloader by Matthias Gansrigler solves my need to download things to my Mac from my iOS devices. I try alternative approaches from time to time. …

Aug 29, 2017: Watched a documentary on Voyager spacecrafts on PBS. Thoroughly enjoyed it. They’ve been cruising through space almost my entire life. Glad I …

Aug 28, 2017: Redesigning the company employee portal. Quite pleased with it. Looking forward to pushing it live soon.

Aug 28, 2017:

Aug 26, 2017: Took me kids for a rock climbing introductory class. My oldest went way higher than we expected.

Aug 25, 2017: Created a custom page on my microblog.

Aug 23, 2017: My colleague wrote ‘5 Customer Journey Improvements Increase Bank Customer Loyalty’ …

Aug 22, 2017: That was fantastic. The genuine excitement Casey displays is fun to watch. Also, impressive how much footage he got in such a short amount of time.

Aug 22, 2017: I just backed Luna Display on @Kickstarter

Aug 22, 2017: Interested in the freshly announced Zapier for Alfred integration. I use LaunchBar. Hopefully that’ll support one day as well.

Aug 22, 2017: We went to the fair. Also, testing out posting an image from MarsEdit.

Aug 22, 2017: Been going to the gym with my wife Mon-Fri for a while now. Feels fantastic to be focusing on our health on a daily basis.

Aug 21, 2017: 99% done with backup from my Synology to Amazon Drive. Encrypted, of course. That took a while.

Aug 21, 2017: Wired up MarsEdit. Testing, one, two, three.

Aug 21, 2017: Finally mapped a sub-domain to my That feels better. Next I will likely push to github pages for a backup.

Aug 21, 2017: Today was the day. The eclipse from our vantage point in CO was pretty good. Partial but good. Clear skies for the most part.

Aug 20, 2017: My daughter Parker Moon having fun at the CO state fair.

Jun 1, 2017: Is it Feed Wrangler or FeedWrangler

Apr 28, 2017: It’s snowing.

Apr 28, 2017: Feels good to be able to discover people now.

Apr 25, 2017: OK, just closed my DreamHost account. No more WordPress for me. I don’t need a WordPress site. I just need Github Pages. I feel lighter already.

Apr 25, 2017: Actually, it was after using OPML Editor, not Radio UserLand. My blog was located at or something like that. One day it came time for …

Apr 25, 2017: It’s fantastic that Manton offer up to those who want it. I’m just experimenting though and will soon move over to my new …

Apr 25, 2017: I stopped subscribing to a long time ago. However, I do pop in from time to time to see what Dave is up to. I see Electric River is …

Apr 25, 2017: Proud to work for AnswerLab, a company that helps employees with infertility.

Apr 25, 2017: Spent just under an hour and five phone calls to cancel my trip due to waking up sick. Took a good bit of effort but I got the job done.

Apr 25, 2017: Though I’ve committed to a Github Pages/Jekyll blog, I thought I’d try out a pure account to start.