Meow Wolf

Hi from Humboldt

Free concert in the park. Feels good to be social again.

Finally successful gaining access to BBVA. What a boring, uninspired banking app compared to the clean lines and thoughtful Simple app.

Simple to BBVA transition. Off to a great start. Not.

I now have a reason to use Pinboard again. Integration with Hook. Brilliant.

State of home buying in Colorado. We’ve put bids in on 2 houses for $100K over list price. We were beat by higher offers both times.

Interestingly, to me anyway, as I build out my Johnny Decimal system, the reality is that most of my ‘files’ are simply links to various locations. Very few of my files are traditional files stored in my file system. All the things I need live in disparate systems. is even better with a Luxafor Flag.

One Airpod is in the case. The other is not. Hmph.

My new mantra. Drafts is for note-taking. Craft is for note-making.

By far, my favorite blogging environment was Radio UserLand. Having an outliner open all day, ready to update and post by simply by hitting Save was easier than anything I’ve experienced to date.

I’m kind of obsessed with Took me a bit to wrap my head around but now that I’ve explored and configured it to my liking, I’m optimistic this is going to be a great tool for focus.

Enjoying my new M1 Mac mini. It’s fast.

I must admit. I have no idea how to install this Alfred Bunch thing but I wish I did. Why do people not include installation instructions?…

Tried switching from Things to Sorted but something isn’t working for me with iCloud syncing. Oh well. Back to Things.

Every time I finally pony up for an app, it ends up on Setapp one day later.

Obsidian, you make me happy.

Discovered the Alfred integration. Alfred workflows always make me happy.